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1.3 The parties undertake that the information written above and the information entered into the system during registration are information suitable for communication and confirmation within the scope of the execution of the contract, and that in case of any change in the information for any reason, it is obligatory to notify the other party in writing within 7 days at the latest. Otherwise, they accept, declare and undertake that all notifications to these communication sources shall result in all legal consequences of legally valid notifications. The parties agree that notifications made via e-mail shall also create valid notification provisions and that the e-mail address specified in this protocol shall be used as a means of correspondence and communication.



Website : The website and/or mobile applications where “Globtan” offers its services, consisting of the domain name and the sub-domains connected to this domain name.

User : Every natural and legal person who accesses the website and the application connected to the website.

Account Holder : The natural and legal person who registers on the website by providing the necessary information and benefits from the services offered on the site and application.

Seller : The account owner who makes sales on the website

Buyer : The account holder who purchases products directly from Globtan or from the Seller without any intermediary activity of Globtan, as a result of the advertisements published and listed on the website



The terms and obligations of the membership relationship established between the Account Holder and “Globtan” are determined with this agreement herein.



4.1.        Legal persons who want to have an account on the site must have completed the official establishment stages, fulfilled the necessary obligations according to the type of legal entity, should not have a bankruptcy or bankruptcy decision, a commercial prohibition decision, and an asset freezing decision given for them. Real persons who want to have an account on the site must be of legal age and unrestricted.

4.2.      The account holder declares and undertakes that they shall comply with the policies, principles and rules determined by Globtan, and shall comply with the rules determined by national and international legislation.

4.3.      The Account Holder declares and undertakes that they shall not cause any security vulnerabilities and problems.

4.4.      With the signature of this agreement, the account holder declares and undertakes that they are aware of the principles, rules and permissions contained in the KVKK clarification text, consent declaration, privacy policy texts.

4.5.      The account holder declares and undertakes that the information of the products offered for sale is correct, and that they do not make any misleading and untrue statements, and that there is no obstacle to the sale and display of the products. Globtan is not obliged to control this information and products. Globtan cannot be held responsible in any way for the damages that may arise from the information and products in question having inaccurate, misleading, and incorrect information or the sale of products that are prohibited by the legislation.

4.6.      The security of the account information and passwords created within the site shall be provided by the account owner. This information is private to the account owner and should not be shared with anyone.

4.7.      All legal and penal responsibility for the results of the transactions, activities and actions performed by the account holder belongs to the account holder. The Account Holder accepts and undertakes that they shall not reproduce, copy, distribute, process, transfer to another database or upload to the site in a way that may produce such results the pictures, texts, visual and audio images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists on the site, which may constitute an infringement on the real or personal rights, assets, personal data of Globtan and/or another third party, and shall not engage in any commercial activity by carrying out such actions, and that they shall not directly and/or indirectly engage in acts and transactions that constitute unfair competition, either by these actions or by other means. Globtan cannot be held responsible, directly and/or indirectly, for any damages incurred or to be incurred by third parties due to the activities on the site that the Account Holder performs in violation of the provisions of this "User Agreement" and the law.

4.8.      Globtan has the title of “hosting provider” in accordance with the relevant legislation. Globtan does not undertake any profit guarantee or income return guarantee due to the service it provides. Globtan cannot be held responsible in this regard.

4.9.      Globtan does not accept any responsibility for copyright, trademark and patent rights for the products listed and advertised on the site by the Account Holder. Globtan has no obligation to audit copyright, trademark and patent rights. The Account Holder declares and undertakes that they hold all industrial and intellectual property rights of these products, along with listing and posting products. In case of the opposite situation, all responsibility towards third parties shall be on the account holder. However, if Globtan has to make payments to third parties due to such a situation, Globtan shall be able to recourse to the account holder for all the main and ancillary items of this payment. This matter is irrevocably accepted, declared and committed by the account holder in advance.

4.10.    Globtan may terminate the Account Holder's account by terminating this agreement without any notice or liability of any compensation. Due to the closure of the account by Globtan, the Account Holder cannot make any claims such as loss of earnings or damage to commercial reputation etc.

4.11.    TT Turkey reserves the right to change the services and content offered on the site at any time, to close and delete the information and content uploaded by the Account Holder to the access of third parties, including site users. Globtan can use this right without giving any notice and giving priority. The Account Holder must promptly implement the revisions, changes and/or updates requested by Globtan. Globtan can make revisions, changes and/or updates if deemed necessary. The damages, legal and penal responsibilities that arise or may arise due to the failure to fulfill the changes and/or correction of Globtan’s requests by the users in a timely manner belong entirely to the account holder.

4.12.    Globtan does not have any responsibility for the purchase and sale transactions of the Sellers and Buyers regarding the products published on the site and in the advertisements. In case the delivery of the product is different from the product in the advertisement, and the product does not have the specified features, the Buyer may compensate the Seller for the damage it claims and cannot make any claim from Globtan in this regard. This issue is declared, accepted and committed by the Buyer and Seller account holders in advance.

4.13.    The account holder shall only be able to sell products that are not prohibited and do not require special permissions on the site. Within this scope;

  • Products that contain "statements that indicate, suggest or imply that they are directly or indirectly beneficial to human health or are effective against, protect, or treat diseases or symptoms" in their promotion,
  • All kinds of firearms, explosives, and all other firearms and cutting tools specially made for use in attack and defense, whether they work or not,
  • Industrial property rights, copied products whose copyrights are protected on behalf of others,
  • Alcohol and tobacco products,
  • Products with sexual and pornographic content,
  • Imitation and replica products,
  • Pets prohibited under the legislation,
  • Game of chance tickets, coupons, etc.
  • Radios that require license,
  • Military equipment, all kinds of uniforms (excluding representative children's clothing),
  • Electronic cigarette, electronic hookah,
  • Devices that illegally record images, sounds and all kinds of personal data,
  • Contact lens,
  • Unregistered phones.

The sale of the above-mentioned products is prohibited. Prohibited products are not limited to this, the account holder has the responsibility to examine and research in advance whether the product they intend to sell requires permission. If it is determined that the account holder listed or posted an advertisement for the above-mentioned product or similar products, the product in question shall be directly removed from the publication without any prior notice. Globtan reserves the right to impose restrictions on the account holder's account and close the account.

4.14.    The account holder cannot make false, dishonorable, immoral, unjustly damaging comments about the products offered for sale, announced or listed on the site. Comments in this direction can be directly removed from the publication by Globtan without any precaution.


Account holders who are members of the site must have any of the following packages if they want to list and/or advertise products in order to be able to sell products on the site. Package details and fees are listed below.

Package Fee and Details

Globtan has the right to change the package prices at any time, to be effective from the following month. Changes made shall be notified to account holders via registered phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and the site. If account holders do not want to continue their membership with the changed and updated terms, they can terminate their membership at any time. However, in this case, the payment made for the canceled month shall not be refunded. Globtan cannot impose a new payment obligation on the account holder, except for the current and due ones, as of the cancellation of the membership.


Globtan can, at its sole discretion and unilaterally, amend this agreement at any time it deems appropriate, by posting it on the site. The amended provisions of this agreement shall enter into force on the date they are published on the site, and the remaining provisions shall remain in effect and continue to have its provisions and consequences. This agreement cannot be changed by the unilateral declarations of the Account Holder.


Istanbul (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices are exclusively authorized in the resolution of disputes that may arise from this agreement. Turkish Law shall be applied in disputes arising from this agreement and Turkish Courts are exclusively authorized.


This contract and its annexes are entered into force by being concluded in electronic environment as a result of mutual agreement of both parties. The invalidity or disregard of any article of the contract shall not affect the validity of the other articles.

Contract Annexes

KVKK Clarification Statement

Privacy Policy